Understanding Collection Closings

Viking Goods Customers! Many have asked why our store is closing, do not fret we are not going anywhere! But we should address the misconception with the closings of our collections. So below we have provided a Q&A to hopefully help with any confusion!

Q: I keep seeing that the collection is closing. Why is it still closing?

A: We develop our collections of unique designs which we offer on multiple products with the intent to reach as many of our brethren as possible. With that however, we only keep our collections open for a handful of months at their current sale price. So, strike while the iron is hot!


Q: When is the next collection coming, I have already bought all my favorites?

A: Well for starters thank you for being such a fantastic member of the clan! Our new collection is set to be released come early 2022 with a fiery set of new designs so stay tuned.


Q: Your designs are so awesome; I don’t understand why you would remove such good designs when you close a collection?

A: Unfortunately in order to make room for our new collection we have to send these battle tested designs off by way of a well deserved Norse Funeral.


Q: I am really excited for the next collection. What should I expect?

A: Nothing but the best from us!


If you find that you still have questions, please send us an email (via raven of course), to support@vikinggoods.com and we will happily clear up any confusion! Until then, plunder on!