Kitten Poetic Scribe Softstyle Tee


Get ready to channel your inner Shakespeare with a twist of feline flair in our Kitten Poetic Scribe Softstyle Tee! This isn't just any tee, folks. It's a wardrobe revolution, a poetic proclamation, and yes, it's as comfy as it sounds. Decked out with a kitten that's got more literary talent than most humans, this shirt is your new best friend for everything from deep-diving into metaphors at your local coffee shop to binge-watching cat videos on the couch.

Don this softstyle sensation and let the adorable, pen-wielding kitty on your chest be your muse for all things creative and quirky. Perfect for those who love their fashion served with a side of whimsy, this tee doesn't just cover your torso, it tells a tale. So, rock your Kitten Poetic Scribe Tee and strut your stuff as a pioneer of the poetic chic movement, where every look is a line of poetry and every day is a chance to rhyme your way through life!

Size Chart & Product Info
Size Width (in) Length (in) Sleeve Center Back (in)
XS 16 27 15.6
S 18 28 16.8
M 20 29 17.9
L 22 30 19.1
XL 24 31 20.4
2XL 26 32 21.6
3XL 28 33 22.8
4XL 30 34 23.9
5XL 32 35 25.1

** please consult the sizing chart BEFORE purchasing, we are not responsible for any mis-sizing.

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